142+ Meditation Quotes to Embrace Your Full Life

These famous meditation quotes will change how you see the world and will really get you thinking in a way you may not have thought about before.

What are the benefits of reading some powerful meditation quotes? As we go through each day, there are many ups and downs. We all need a little wisdom to remember what really matters and possibly change our perspectives.

Inspirational meditation quotes have made an insightful positive impact in my life and I’m sure they will make a difference in yours as well. These relaxing meditation quotes will open up your mind to see situations in your life with more clarity and understanding.

Best Meditation Quotes

Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment. Alan Watts

Learn to be calm and you will always be happy Paramahansa Yogananda

Meditation is not about stopping thoughts, but recognizing that we are more than our thoughts and our feelings. Arianna Huffington

Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul. Marcus Aurelius

I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul. Rumi

Work is not always required. There is such a thing as sacred idleness. George MacDonald

Mediation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body Deepak Chopra

The whole of meditation practice can be essentialized into these  crucial points: Bring your mind home. Release. And relax! Sogyal Rinpoche

We may not realise it, but dancing is a form of meditation. Neve Campbell

Self-knowledge is the first step to maturity. Jane Austen

Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity. Voltaire

At the end of the day, I can end up just totally wacky, because I’ve made mountains out of molehills. With meditation, I can keep them as molehills. Ringo Starr

Meditation is hanging out with your soul. Rachel Ritlop

All of man’s difficulties are caused by his inability to sit, quietly, in a room by himself. Blaise Pascal

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; it is the source of all true art and science. Albert Einstein

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

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The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of inner peace. J. Donald Walters

It is indeed a radical act of love just to sit down and be quiet for a time by yourself Jon Kabat-Zinn

Mediation is not spacing out or running away. In fact, it is being totally honest with ourselves Kathleen McDonald

A happy life consists in tranquility of mind. Marcus Tullius Cicero

When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, introduce yourself to each color of the sunset. Reacquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet. Thank the air that surrounds you with every breath you take. Find yourself in the appreciation of life. Christy Ann Martine

If you meditate regularly, even when you don’t feel like it, you will make great gains, for it will allow you to see how your thoughts impose limits on you. Your resistances to meditation are your mental prisons in miniature. Ram Dass

We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence, and private: and therefore starved for meditation and true friendship. C.S. Lewis

With meditation, you become a sensitized superhero, completely in control, with endless possibilities at your fingertips. Tara Stiles

Practice meditation regularly. Meditation leads to eternal bliss. Therefore meditate, meditate. Sivananda

Meditation is absolute comfort and getting back to the serenity which is your original nature. Sri Sri

When there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt. St. Francis de Sales

Meditation is not spacing-out or running away. In fact, it is being totally honest with ourselves. Kathleen McDonald

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Famous Meditation Quotes

In the beginning you will fall into the gaps in between thoughts – after practicing for years, you become the gap. J. Kleykamp

Meditation can reintroduce you to the part that’s been missing Russell Simmons

The things that trouble our spirits are within us already. In meditation, we must face them, accept them, and set them aside one by one. Cristopher L Bennett

I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle. Tara Brach

Meditation is not about feeling a certain way. It’s about feeling the way you feel. Dan Harris

The goal of mediation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions. The goal is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn how to move through them without getting stuck. Dr. P Goldin

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear Rumi

Meditation is not you going through thoughts – it’s letting thoughts go through you. Naval Ravikant

Writing is a very focused form of meditation. Just as good as sitting in a lotus position. Alan Moore

Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind. Swami Muktananda

This is love: the flowering of love is meditation. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Sometimes you need to sit lonely on the floor in a quiet room in order to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others. Charlotte Eriksson

Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself. You will then find out how easy it is to get along. Paramahansa Yogananda

When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place Bhagavad Gita

Generally we waste our lives, distracted from our true selves, in endless activity. Meditation is the way to bring us back to ourselves, where we can really experience and taste our full being. Sogyal Rinpoche

Many scientists think that philosophy has no place, so for me it’s a sad time because the role of reflection, contemplation, meditation, self inquiry, insight, intuition, imagination, creativity, free will, is in a way not given any importance, which is the domain of philosophers. Deepak Chopra

Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive. Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation allows us to directly participate in our lives instead of living life as an afterthought. Stephen Levine

Just as the ocean has waves or the sun has rays, so the mind’s own radiance is its thoughts and emotions. Sogyal Rinpoche

The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you. David Lynch

Meditation is not a means to an end. It is both the means and the end. Jiddu Krishnamurti

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Meditation is another dimension of natural beauty. People talk about appreciating natural beauty – climbing mountains, seeing giraffes and tigers in Africa, and all sorts of things. But nobody seems to appreciate this kind of natural beauty of ourselves. This is actually far more beautiful than flora and fauna, far more fantastic, far more painful and colorful and delightful. Chogyam Trungpa

Be free like a balloon is. Let go of all the weights (negativity) to fly to the highest of skies Aman Khurana

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. Aristotle

Be the master of mind rather than mastered by mind. Japanese proverb

Our thinking minds deprive us of the happiness that comes when we are living fully in the moment. Ram Dass

Meditation applies the brakes to the mind. Ramana Maharshi

Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone. Alan Watts

The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. James Allen

Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence. Deepak Chopra

I’ve never been good at meditation, but surfing is the closest I’ve ever come to that inner something. Yvonne Strahovski

Mediation means dissolving the invisible walls that unaware has built Sadhguru

The thing about meditation is you become more and more you. David Lynch

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already. Pema Chodron

Meditation is like a gym in which you develop the powerful mental muscles of calm and insight. Ajahn Brahm

Meditation is for moms what eyesight is for pilots. It allows us to see where we’re headed, respond to conditions in our environment, and make adjustments when necessary Amber Trueblood

The purpose of meditation is personal transformation. Henepola Gunaratana

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Powerful Meditation Quotes

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth. Mahatma Gandhi

I learned a few years ago that balance is the key to a happy and successful life, and a huge part of achieving that balance is to instill rituals into your everyday life – a nutritious balanced diet, daily exercise, time for yourself through meditation, reading, journaling, yoga, daily reflection, and setting goals. Gretchen Bleiler

While meditating we are simply seeing what the mind has been doing all along. Allan Lokos

Without meditation, I’d probably be dead. Mike Love

Meditation is choosing not to engage in the drama of the mind but elevating the mind to its highest potential. Amit Ray

To let go does not mean to get rid of. To let go means to let be. When we let be with compassion, things come and things go on their own Jack Kornfield

Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there – buried under the , thoughts the average person thinks every day. Deepak Chopra

Meditation is such a more substantial reality than what we normally take to be reality. Richard Gere

Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man. Benjamin Franklin

Doing a three-minute meditation every day may change your life: It is the gateway drug to slowing down. Anne Lamott

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless—like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. Bruce Lee

We tend to think of meditation in only one way. But life itself is a meditation. Raul Julia

Meditation is painful in the beginning but it bestows immortal bliss and supreme joy in the end. Swami Sivananda

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Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax. Bryant McGill

Beautify your inner dialogue. Beautify your inner world with love, light and compassion. Life will be beautiful. Amit Ray

A most useful approach to meditation practice is to consider it the most important activity of each day. Schedule it as you would an extremely important appointment, and unfailingly keep your appointment with the infinite Roy Eugene Davis

Silence is not an absence but a presence. Anne D. LeClaire

I’ve been practicing modalities of Eastern philosophy since about . What I’ve learned through my meditation is a sense of equanimity, a sense of all things being equal. Goldie Hawn

Meditation is the weight room for the mind. Ed Latimore

If the mind falls asleep, awaken it. Then if it starts wandering, make it quiet. If you reach the state where there is neither sleep nor movement of mind, stay still in that, the natural (real) state. Ramana Maharshi

The act of meditation is being spacious. Sogyal Rinpoche

To really do nothing, with perfection, is as difficult as doing everything. Alan Watts

Truth is the offspring of silence and meditation. Isaac Newton

Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed. Saint Francis de Sales

Morning meditation is important to start every day on a positive note. Susan Burton

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. Thich Nhat Hang

To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe. Marilyn vos Savant

Praying is talking to the Universe. Meditation is listening to it. Paulo Coelho

Exercise, prayer, and meditation are examples of calming rituals. They have been shown to induce a happier mood and provide a positive pathway through life’s daily frustrations. Chuck Norris

Meditation is acceptance. It is the acceptance of life within us, without us and all around us. Acceptance of life is the beginning of human satisfaction. Sri Chinmoy

I meditate so that my mind cannot complicate my life Sri Chinmoy

Meditation is allowing what is Victor Davich

Remember the blue sky. It may at times be obscured by clouds, but it is always there. Andy Puddicombe

When the mind goes beyond the thought of ‘the me,’ the experiencer, the observer, the thinker, then there is a possibility of a happiness that is incorruptible. Jiddu Krishnamurti

As gold purified in a furnace loses its impurities and achieves its own true nature, the mind gets rid of the impurities of the attributes of delusion, attachment and purity through meditation and attains Reality. Adi Shankara

Don’t hate the arising of thoughts or stop the thoughts that do arise. Simply realize that our original mind, right from the start, is beyond thought, so that no matter what, you never get involved with thoughts. Illuminate original mind, and no other understanding is necessary. Zen Master Bankei Yotaku

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Short Meditation Quotes

If you have time to breathe, you have time to meditate. Ajahn Amaro

To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Meditation is medicine to quiet the chaotic mind, and it allows us to listen to the wisdom of our souls. Dr. Romie

The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of inner peace. J. Donald Walters

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit. Jeremy Taylor

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha

Meditation has been a loyal friend to me. It has helped me write my books. Alice Walker

Meditation can be like a battle with yourself, your thoughts, your body. Tara Stiles

Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. Hermann Hesse

Mediation and concentration are the way to a life of serenity Baba Ram Dass

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Meditation is not evasion, it is a serene encounter with reality Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation is listening to the divine within. Edgar Cayce

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. Caroline Myss

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak. Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

You have a treasure within you that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer Eckhart Tolle

Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively. Sharon Salzberg

Be here now. Be someplace later. Is that so complicated? David M. Bader

Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you. Amit Ray

Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. James Allen

Meditation, especially for people who don’t know very much about it and think it’s this very hippy dippy thing, can really be powerful, terrifying even, as it lifts the rug up on your subconscious and the dust comes flying out. Amanda Palmer

Sleep is the best meditation. Dalai Lama

Mediation applies the brakes to the mind Rama Maharshi

Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass. Owen Feltham

The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment to moment. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. What is soft is strong. Lao Tzu

If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. Shunryu Suzuki

Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. Buddha

It’s helpful to remind yourself that meditation is about opening and relaxing with whatever arises, without picking and choosing. Pema Chodron

Watching birds has become part of my daily meditation affirming my connection to the earth body. Carol P. Christ

Walking is magic. Can’t recommend it highly enough. I read that plato and Aristotle did much of their brilliant thinking together while ambulating. The movement, the meditation, the health of the blood pumping, and the rhythm of footsteps… this is a primal way to connect with one’s deeper self. Paula Cole

Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better, it’s about befriending who we are. Ani Pema Chodron

Meditate. Let the light of the heart engulf you. Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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