196+ Breathe Quotes to Help You Calm & Relax

Inspirational deep breathe quotes are universal nuggets of wisdom and may help shift your perspective.

Whatever your philosophy about life is, I am sure that one of these profound breathing quotes is sure to resonate with you. Also, they help you structure and reflect upon your daily thoughts and problems.

Here, I’ve rounded up the best powerful breathe quotes:

Best Breathe Quotes

It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are… than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise. Henry David Thoreau

I’ve decided to be happy because it is good for my health. Voltaire

Inhale, then exhale. That’s how you’ll get through it.

The ‘I think’ which Kant said must be able to accompany all my objects, is the ‘I breathe’ which actually does accompany them. William James

Think about every good thing in your life right now. Free yourself of worrying. Let go of the anxiety, breathe. Stay positive, all is well. Germany Kent

For science must breathe the oxygen of freedom. John Charles Polanyi

Men need to live and breathe women. Adam Levine

Breathe as long as the sky is alive. Munia Khan

When people ask me what the most important thing is in life, I answer: ‘Just breathe.’ Yoko Ono

The moment you breathe your first breath, you won. J.R. Rim

Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. John F. Kennedy

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. Swedish Proverb

Do not be afraid that joy will make the pain worse; it is needed like the air we breathe. Garon Persson

Breathe in the beauty all around you. A.D. Posey

The more we talk about our troubles and our fears, the more life we breathe into them. Evinda Lepins

With their souls of patent leather, they come down the road. Hunched and nocturnal, where they breathe they impose, silence of dark rubber, and fear of fine sand. Federico Garcia Lorca

To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I schedule ‘me’ time because, just like everyone else, I need to unwind. I try to remember to take it easy and breathe. Mandy Ingber

What it was at the time was literally a plea for, to get the pressure off for a while, to give her space to breathe. She was very unhappy. She was feeling pretty claustrophobic. Anthony Holden

It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax. Moises Arias

There comes a day when my skin just wants to breathe and get out of my clothes.- Anthony T. Hincks

Technology has become as ubiquitous as the air we breathe, so we are no longer conscious of its presence. Godfrey Reggio

I like to let things breathe. Kendrick Lamar

Breathe and don’t try to be perfect. Nicole Kidman

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Breathe. To Pause. To make space. To collect your thoughts. To remember. To face the next moment. To choose.

I have time to breathe, time to be myself more often, I am a lot more relaxed and less guarded. Cathy Freeman

Being from a small town, no one else was going to breathe life into my ideas other than me, so I had to go out there and do it. Matt Bellamy

Wealthy men can’t live in an island that is encircled by poverty. We all breathe the same air. We must give a chance to everyone, at least a basic chance. Ayrton Senna

When you want to succeed as bad as you want breathe, then you will be successful. Eric D. Thomas

Persevere. Plan. Strategize. Focus. Breathe. Write. Let go: relax. Forgive. All this failing: take a nap. Mary Anne Radmacher

Breathe in a smile; breathe out a chuckle. (You can do it.) Cheri Huber

If you give a character room to breathe, they come alive. Catherine Keener

Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life. Giovanni Papini

I breathe music… The acting is a job, but music is life. You need a job to live. Astro

With every breath, I breathe in so much of inspiration. I feel if there is one thing as free and as important as oxygen, it’s inspiration. Sharad Vivek Sagar

I still get nervous on dates. I’ll be sitting at dinner with a guy and I have to excuse myself and go to the bathroom because I can’t breathe. Shannen Doherty

I love being in the woods when I can just walk barefoot in the grass and just sit down and breathe. I love that so much. Jessie Reyez

Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor. Thich Nhat Hanh

No one can get inner peace by pouncing on it. Harry Emerson Fosdick

Live in each season as it passes: breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit. Henry David Thoreau

If you can’t breathe, you can’t do nothing. JaVale McGee

Breath is the link between mind and body. Dan Brule

Keep breathing. Just keep doing it. It’s easy. In and out. Jenny Downham

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Inspirational Breathe Quotes

Acting coaches in Hollywood were always telling me to use my hands and body more. But that was never me. I just breathe and sometimes it doesn’t look as if I’m doing that. Perry Como

If you just remember to breathe and smile before you act, you’ll always make the right decision. Russell Simmons

I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die. Isaac Asimov

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live. Johnny Depp

In an underdeveloped country don’t drink the water. In a developed country don’t breathe the air. Jonathan Raban

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it. Anais Nin

Bliss begins with the breath. We breathe in and accept all that is new. We breathe out, and release all that has passed. Sara Wiseman

Innovation can only occur where you can breathe free. Joe Biden

Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

As you breathe in, cherish yourself. As you breathe out, cherish all Beings. Dalai Lama

I really don’t believe in retiring as long as you can breathe. Ruby Dee

Underwear makes me uncomfortable and besides my parts have to breathe. Jean Harlow

Not where I breathe, but where I love, I live. Robert Southwell

Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry. Muriel Rukeyser

If you want to paint the inner life, you paint it from the exterior. From the exterior, you breathe the inner life into your painting. Charlotte Rampling

Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life. Ashley Purdy

Argument is to me the air I breathe. Given any proposition, I cannot help believing the other side and defending it. Gertrude Stein

My wife has a slight impediment in her speech. Every now and then she stops to breathe. Jimmy Durante

Those hot pants of hers were so damned tight, I could hardly breathe. Benny Hill

Keep calm and live. Bangambiki Habyarimana

Who breathe where you will, come into me and snatch me up to yourself. Richard Rolle

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We breathe, we think, we conceive of our lives as narratives. Christopher Lehmann-Haupt

My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air. Vera Wang

I love being tall. as you literally look at life from a different perspective: it’s easier to breeze through life’s turmoils; there’s more room to breathe. Gwendoline Christie

The song This Kiss was definitely my breakthrough song. After that, Breathe was my breakthrough album. Faith Hill

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again. L. Frank Baum

I will laugh at the laughable while I breathe. Mary Boykin Chesnut

Life is pretty easy. Breathe in and breathe out, then repeat.

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn. Thomas Gray

I would like to say that your beauty made it difficult to breathe. Waylon H. Lewis

Breathe quietly and let it be. Let your body relax and your heart soften. Jack Kornfield

Do something nice for yourself today. Find some quiet, sit in stillness, breathe. Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break. Akiroq Brost

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Marcus Aurelius

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wisdom without love is like having lungs but no air to breathe. Do not seek wisdom in order to acquire knowledge but in order to live and love more fully. Adyashanti

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Emma Lazarus

Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they’re eating sandwiches. Jim Carrey

Culture is the air we breathe all around us. Josh Rox

We breathe life into a role, and it’s overwhelming to receive positive feedback. Sriti Jha

As long as I breathe, I attack. Bernard Hinault

Breathe in that vital connection to the life source and sensual beauty everywhere. Feel loved and strong. Jay Woodman

Open your heart! Even in trying times. Relax. Breathe. Allow. Feel lighter, happier, and at peace. Dawn Gluskin

Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body. Thich Nhat Hanh

Conscious breathing heightens awareness and deepens relaxation. Dan Brule

I take a few moments in the morning just to breathe while I drink my morning coffee or right before I get out of bed. Ayesha Curry

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Soothing Breathe Quotes

Conscious breathing is the best antidote to stress, anxiety, and depression. Amit Ray

Most good things happen with time; especially music, which needs time to breathe and to find its own way. Greg Ginn

Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe. Truman Capote

When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace. Unknown

The conscience of children is formed by the influences that surround them; their notions of good and evil are the result of the moral atmosphere they breathe. Jean Paul

When you want wisdom and insight as badly as you want to breathe, it is then you shall have it. Socrates

Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough. Ernest Hemingway

Power of prayer, serenity for the soul. Lailah Gifty Akita

Culture is the air we breathe all around us. Josh Fox

As you breathe right now another person takes his last. So stop complaining, and learn to live your life with what you have.

Not where I breathe, but where I love, I live; Not where I love, but where I am, I die. Robert Southey

The moment you breathe your first breath, you won. J.R Rim

The ability to breathe is a gift. Wake up grateful each day for that gift. Johnny Lung

Only those who know how to breathe will survive. Pundit Acharya

God gave me the strength to see, and breathe, and talk. Leon Spinks

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Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again. Gustav Mahler

Breath is the finest gift of nature. Be grateful for this wonderful gift. Amit Ray

You’re alive and breathing. That’s a fine reason to celebrate. Johnny Lung

While we breathe, we will hope. Barack Obama

Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. Oprah Winfrey

I breathe martial arts every day of my life. Rafael dos Anjos

I don’t even think when I’m walking down the runway. I don’t really breathe either. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I think i’m just breathing, that’s all. And there’s a difference between breathing and being alive. John Boyne

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful. Eric D. Thomas

Meditation nourishes your awareness that you are the Self, then you can relax and have fun in this Divine Play. Bert McCoy

If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another chance. Andrea Boydston

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. Marcus Aurelius

If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say I love you.

The air we breathe is still free, but for how much time. I believe someone is busy patenting it to start selling it for profit. Bangambiki Habyarimana

For breath is life, so if you breathe well you will live long on earth. Sanskrit Proverb

The sun loves the moon so much that he dies every night to let her breathe. Jeffrey Fry

The American people have a right to know the air they breathe is safe. Sheldon Whitehouse

Learn how to exhale, the inhale will take care of itself. Carla Melucci Ardito

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax. Mark Black

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer. William Burroughs

Breathe. It’s only a bad day not a bad life. Ashley Purdy

There are no lungs like the ones that breathe poetry. D. Antoinette Foy

I meditate. I breathe out what I can’t control and focus on the positives. Deepika Padukone

He had to get out, get some space between him and the world, just to breathe.- Allison Brennan

Thoughts will lead you in circles. Silence will bring you back to your center. Rasheed Ogunlaru

There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then, there’s another way: a breath of love that takes you all the way to infinity. Rumi

What can we do but keep on breathing in and out, modest and willing, and in our places? Mary Oliver

You cannot breathe deeply and worry at the same time. Breathe. Let the worry go. Breathe. Allow the love and intuition in. Sonia Choquette

Before you begin, sit for a moment and take a couple of deep breaths. You want to be calm and prepared to maintain mental focus Aaron Hoopes

Where the Mind is biggest, the Heart, the Senses, Magnanimity, Charity, Tolerance, Kindliness, and the rest of them scarcely have room to breathe. Virginia Woolf

Smile, breathe and go slowly. Nhat Hanh

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Deeply Breathe Quotes

Gratitude is not a limited resource, nor is it costly. It is abundant as air. We breathe it in but forget to exhale. Marshall Goldsmith

For science must breathe the oxygen of freedom. John Polanyi

What excites me is just taking some time to breathe in life. The mundane is very exciting. Viola Davis

Repudiating the virtues of your world, criminals hopelessly agree to organize a forbidden universe. They agree to live in it. The air there is nauseating. They can breathe it. Jean Genet

As her father had so often said… Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live. Sherrilyn Kenyon

Happy the man whose wish and care a few paternal acres bound, content to breathe his native air in his own ground. Alexander Pope

No longer shall I paint interiors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love. Edvard Munch

Just the fact that you get to live and breathe and interact with the world – that’s pretty marvelous. Junot Diaz

I love hearing my audience breathe. Adele

Mindset is everything. Like the eye of a storm -find the sunshine and calm within you, even if there is chaos outside of you. Brittany Burgunder

You breathe fast when you’re scared.- Kelli O’Hara

In a meadow full of flowers, you cannot walk through and breathe those smells and see all those colors and remain angry. We have to support the beauty, the poetry, of life. Jonas Mekas

Sometimes, the most productive thing that you can do is to step outside and do nothing… relax and enjoy nature. Melanie Charlene

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Unexpected change is like a breath of fresh air, a little brisk at first, but magic for the body and soul. – Susan Wiggs

Hatred is the air I breathe. It permeates every cell in my body. Jim Goad

You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens. Mandy Hale

Remember how to breathe, how to live…please!! Fuyumi Soryo

I will laugh at the laughable while I breathe Mary Boykin Chesnut

It’s always the mind that needs quietening and the heart that needs listening to. Rasheed Ogunlaru

The trick to life is to just keep breathing. Johnny Lung

Memory, when it juts, retreats, recovers, shows us how to hold the darkness, how to breathe. Drew Myron

Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Thich Nhat Hanh

May our twilights mix together, like breath and breathlessness. Sanober Khan

When you consciously decide to breathe more slowly and deeply, you alert your body to the fact that you want it to behave differently. You are not just changing your breathing pattern, you are making a full-body announcement that you are entering into a different relationship with your mind and your body. Eric Maisel

You seize sentiment better when you get clear of nature. You breathe it in every sense! Jules Verne

The way to do it is to put as much life into the song as I can. You can either get it to breathe or you can’t. Levon Helm

The wisest one-word sentence? Breathe. Terri Guillemets

Without full awareness of breathing, there can be no development of meditative stability and understanding. Thich Nhat Hanh

Do not be afraid that joy will make the pain worse; it is needed like the air we breathe. Goran Persson

Breathing dreams like air. F. Scott Fitzgerald

You really have to play with the space in a riff so it can be allowed to breathe. Johnny Christ

Take every breath as an event. Arzum Uzun

We eat, sleep, breathe bitcoin. Tyler Winklevoss

Grant me the grace to dissolve my negative thoughts about myself today. I breathe the grace of kindness into my heart. And may the grace of healing flow abundantly to every one in need of help. Caroline Myss

Conscious breathing is the best antidote to stress, anxiety and depression. Amit Ray

It can still be a good day if the only thing you did was breathe. Johnny Lung

Revenge is a caustic thing. I say, Breathe in, breathe deeply, let it go. Jason Statham

Smile, breathe, take it slow, and live a happy life. Johnny Lung

Breathing is medicine. I forgot how to breathe, but I’m learning all over again. Mandi Lynn

Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal. John F. Kennedy

I learned that when life pulls you under, you can kick against the bottom, break the surface, and breathe again. Sheryl Sandberg

You are the God-being that is here to create life, to breathe soul into your body, to walk this world as your own source of power, love, worth and life. Joy Page

This air we breathe is precious, and the glaciers helped me understand that and stay focused on that. James Balog

We breathe the light, we breathe the music, we breathe the moment as it passes through us. Anne Rice

I really think truth comes from the body. When you’re running for your life, you breathe differently; you talk differently. Evelyne Brochu

Every breath is a resurrection. Gregory Orr

Actors take risks all the time. We put ourselves on the line. It is creative to be able to interpret someone’s words and breathe life into them. Patty Duke

As Realtors, you live and breathe the American dream. Charlie Crist

Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be. Eckhart Tolle

We should keep learning so long as we have grace and breathe. Lailah Gifty Akita

Deep breathing brings deep thinking and shallow breathing brings shallow thinking. Elsie Lincoln Benedict

Now that we have a democracy and you can go back and the airport air is not laden with evil any more, you can actually breathe oxygen when you land in Johannesburg. Janet Suzman

Happiness breathes when you do. Terri Guillemets

He lives most life whoever breathes most air. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we inhabit are not only critical elements in the quality of life we enjoy – they are a reflection of the majesty of our Creator. Rick Perry

Remember to breathe. It is, after all, the secret of life. Gregory Maguire

And when I breathed, my breath was lightning. Black Elk

Think for yourself. Ignore the noises around you that polarize and try to promote fear and division. You know better. Be better. Breathe. Gregory S. Williams

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths. Etty Hillesum

Breathing, according to me, corresponds to taking charge of one’s own life. Luce Irigaray

Society is like the air, necessary to breathe but insufficient to live on. George Santayana

Freedom is the oxygen without which science cannot breathe. David Sarnoff

To travel is to breathe sentience into one’s ambitions. Saim .A. Cheeda

Now breathe, and step out again, a step further from the past. Step into the streets as narrow as bones, the white streets of the labyrinth, and breathe deeply. Breathe, and step out once more. Kevin Barry

Many of life lessons and experience condense wisdom into famous beautiful soul quotes that are meaningful and inspirational.

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